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Survey Says!

September 20, 2009

Wow! Thanks to the hundreds (literally!) of busy parents who responded to last month’s survey.  Responses came in from Massachusetts, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Maine, Florida, Colorado, Texas, Arizona and outside the US from Canada, Australia, the UK, and Italy.  I’m always grateful to learn new things, especially from smart, engaged and curious folks.  This was another example that life has so much to offer in that regard!

The survey asked a broad range of questions on parenting topics.  Your responses will help me guide my writing and work to explain child development, share parenting strategies and resources.

Here’s a snap shot of the data:

  • 53% are raising 2 children
  • 39% are concurrently working full time
  • 82% are raising with another parent
  • 35% are raising children without the assistance of a nanny or occasional sitter

This confirms my theory that you all are busy, busy folks who are commitment to your children, your careers and relationships.

  • 45% said they agree with their partner most all of the time on parenting decisions
  • 47% spend 0-2 hour a month reading or researching parenting/child development
  • 88% seek parenting advise from peers, 60% from pediatrician, 37% from teachers/school
  • 75% turn to books, followed closely by 71% using internet, for parenting resources
  • 54% report having a good handle on parenting and are able to find answers to  your questions
  • 75% have questions or concerns about their child’s emotional well being/stems
  • 60% have questions or concerns about their child’s social skills

This tells me that you are confident in your role as a parent, but have limited time to get answers to the questions when they arise.  Trusted peers and pediatricians are relied upon. I’ve worked with dozens and dozens of skilled teachers who possess years of expertise in child development.  I’ll be sharing their experience and anecdotes with you.

Those with children in school:

  • 69% thought your current school was a good match for your family
  • aside from homework, 33% parents spend 6 or more hours with their children a week
  • reading, outdoor activities, and a tie between shopping, household chores are the top activities for parents and children
  • parents of younger children report pretend play, art and free play are tops
  • all age groups responded that left to their own choice, children would self select tv, video games and the computer as activities of choice (Shocking or not so much?)
  • nearly half spend 16-30 minutes a day reading with child

It’s always beneficial for you and your child’s school to be on the same page regarding parenting and learning. Homework can take up much of your time outside of school and homework, so prioritizing tasks, setting goals and making the most of those few precious hours you have are key. Lots of you wanted ways to slip learning into the fun stuff.  One of my tasks will be to explain how some of what you already do is laying the foundation for learning or is providing meaningful learning opportunities for you and your child already!

So let me thank you again – first for the important, challenging, and meaningful work you  do as a parent and second for taking the time to share your thoughts.  It will help me to have this glimmer into what parenting is like in the lives of others.

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