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Toddlerhood, Take Two ( Boundaries, Autonony and Power)

May 23, 2013

imagesLast time I wrote a bit about how challenging it seems to be a teen in Happy Days, Freaks and Geeks and True Life.   These challenges also bring some wrinkles (a.k.a. the temptation to whack your head or someone else’s)  to parenting.  It can be helpful to re-frame this phase of development where the learning curve is steep,  the terrain is rocky and riddled with unexpected twists, crevasses, vistas and bumps.  There’s a lot of maturating struggling to unfold as tweens are driving toward independence as they prepare for full independence.

I see many similarities between this phase in life and toddler life.  This realization brings some much-needed levity into the picture and often occupies my mind while I bite  my tongue.  Here’s part one of a series on teens, toddlerhood and navigating the road to independence together.

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