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Hip, Hip, Hooray – a Triple Thanks!

April 9, 2013


Triple thanks, this post!

First, I’m tickled to have one of my posts featured this week on’s blog.  Thanks to the folks for featuring my writing.  If you don’t already know,  is a comprehensive resource for information on becoming  a great teacher in any state across the country.  It’s aim is to provide all the information necessary to become a teacher no matter where you live.  It’s a rich resource for staying current on trends in teaching and teacher training, made possible through the University of Southern California’s Rossier School Online.  Be sure to check them out, whether you’re staying current, want to further your teaching career, or both!

Second,  thanks to my fellow teachers who made this post, and my work, possible.  They all are a reflection  of the commitment to  the positive development of children, best teaching practices and life long learning.  The folks at the Northeast Foundation for Children’s Responsive Classroom have been essential to  my development as a teacher by shaping my view of children and teaching, and challenging me to dig deeper with my own understanding.  I’ve been fortunate enough to receive tremendous support as an adult learner from them.  It goes without saying that the incredible faculty of St. Anne’s School of Annapolis who shared a week of hard work and laughter with me last August also deserve a hearty thanks! This group of dedicated, smart and compassionate teachers dug into the content of the week and have been plugging along implementing the approach in their teaching every day since.

Third, thanks to those of you who continue to stick with Wonder of Children and follow the posts, share your stories and post comments. Many of you are also colleagues and parents, which makes it all the more special. Without that interaction, it would all be silent characters on the screen!

Each of these three  serve as a reminder of the hard work and dedication on the part of many, many educators and parents that enrich not only the lives of our students and families, but also each teacher’s life and work experience.  I don’t just have to work, but I choose to work because of  people like you who share the a passionate commitment to the children and families in our schools.


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